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William Hammington was Adorably Direct Enough to Ask Girls` Generation`s Hyoyeon If She was Pretty over the Phone... Here`s How Hyoyeon Responded


| 14 Dec, 2018

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Hyoyeon was very direct with her respond too. 

In a recent episode of 'Superman Returns,' Sam Hammington wanted to train his eldest, William to talk more so he pretended that he was sick. Sam then had William to talk on the phone on his own as he made a phone call to Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon. William asked Hyoyeon if she knows him when Hyoyeon responded that of course she does and misses him a lot. 

William immediately asked Hyoyeon, "Auntie are you pretty?" because he can't see her over the phone and probably can't remember how she looks too. To that question, Hyoyeon responded that "Oh! Auntie is extremely pretty!" 

Image Source: Instagram 'snsd_jaey' Screenshot 

Even though the conversation was short, the answers and responses were too cute for words. Watch the moment in the post below! 

Source: [Youtube] KBS World TV & [Instagram] snsd_jaey 

Thumbnail Credit: 93__xox, Instagram 'williamhammington'

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