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With the Same Hairstyle He Had 9 Years Back, Super Junior`s Heechul Once Again Impressed with His Unchanging Visual


/ 13 Apr, 2018

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Heechul is having a hairstyle he had 9 years old, you will have a hard time telling if it's 2009 or 2018.

Super Junior's Heechul did a change to his hair following after the preparation for his group's repackage album, 'Replay,' in which he was spotted with long and curly hair. Heechul surprised with a straightened black hair with his fringe that went over his eyebrows. 

Image Source: Instagram 'kimheenim' 

Image Source: instiz 

This hairstyle immediately rang a bell with it's similarity to something that Heechul had years ago. It was the exact hairstyle Heechul had in 2009 especially during their 'It's You' promotion. 

Image Source: Youtube 'becauseyounaughtyScreenshot

Image Source: Youtube 'saranghaeyy1015' Screenshot

Despite the passing of nearly a decade, Heechul amazed once again with his unchanging visual that can be compared to what he had in 2009. 

Source: [Youtube] saranghaeyy1015

Thumbnail Credit: daksu, present 

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