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YG Entertainment Denied, Dispatch Continue to `Attack` GDragon with the Details of His Special Treatment


| 26 Jun, 2018

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The 'war' between media outlet Dispatch and YG Entertainment continues. 

On June 25th, Dispatch claimed that GDragon has received special treatment during his ankle surgery. Quickly after the report, YG Entertainment stepped in, denied it, and revealed that they will sue the media outlet for spreading false rumors. A day later, on June 26th, Dispatch fought back and revealed details of GDragon's allegedly special treatments.

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Dispatch revealed that they have confirmed with the hospital and it's true that GDragon received special treatment for his ankle injury. According to Dispatch, there are two private rooms in the hospital's building 301: room number 11 and 12. Dispatch said that GDragon first used room number 11 before moved to room number 12. Dispatch also revealed that they plan to publish GDragon's hospitalization record to prove their words. 

A representative from the media outlet said, "We are still on our words, there is nothing changed from our reports on June 25th."

What are your thoughts about this, people? 

Source: [Youtube] BIGBANG

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