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Yang Hyunsuk Had to Use English After Seeing How Stray Kids` Felix Responded to His Past 3 Questions


/ 27 May, 2018

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Felix just had to ask every question...Twice.

During Stray Kids' time on 'Stray Kids' survival program, Felix introduced himself in front of Park Jinyoung and Yang Hyunsuk before the latter starts to have a conversation with him. 

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Felix is from Australia himself and it was probably due to his nervousness that he would constantly asked for the question to be repeated again and it got onto Yang Hyunsuk's nerves.

Here's how the conversation went. 

Felix: "Hello, I am Felix."

YG: "Felix?"

Felix: "Yes, Felix."

YG: "Are you from the overseas?"

Felix: "Yes?"

YG: "Are you from the overseas?"

Felix: "Yes. I am from Australia."

YG: "When you did come here?"

Felix: "Yes?"

YG: "When you did come here?"

Felix: "Yes?"

YG: "Do you want to get hit?"

Felix: "Sorry. I came here in February."

Image Source: Youtube 'TwiStray48' Screenshot 

After getting a compliment from YG on how he was good looking, Felix was being asked, "How old are you?" when the younger once again went, "Yes?" In the end, YG had to ask "How old are you?" in English. 

Watch the conversation in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] TwiStray48

Thumbnail Credit: September Prince, Lights on

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