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Yoo Seungho Once Thought of Quitting Acting Career, Enlisted in the Army Early


| 11 Jan

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Yoo Seungho was once not sure whether he should continue his career. 

Being one of the most beloved actors, there was one time that Yoo Seungho thinking to stop being an actor. Yoo Seungho started his career early as a child actor. He revealed that his parents are the ones who suggested him to be in the industry. In one interview, Yoo Seungho said, "I wondered whether I should continue to become an actor or not. It's not my choice when I started to become an actor." He then continued that he enlisted early in the army since he wanted to think more carefully about his decision.

Image Source: Insight

Yoo Seungho enlisted in the army when he was only 21 years old. As you know, it's a very rare case for celebrities to enlist early. About his enlistment, Yoo Seungho commented, "I was a coward. I escaped (from the reality) and enlist in the army. I think it's only that I made it looks good."

Fortunately, Yoo Seungho chose to continue his acting career after completing the mandatory military service and his first project after discharging is SBS' drama 'Remember.'

Source: [Youtube] SBSNOW

Thumbnail Credit: SBS, Insight

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