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Yook Jidam Voice out Her Stand Once Again, Asking for an Official Apologize from Wanna One


/ 11 Apr, 2018

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Rapper Yook Jidam once again wrote on her personal blog, asking for an official apology from Wanna One.

On April 10th, she wrote a post with the title 'Yook Jidam - No One Knows But Me.' She also uploaded a song of 'No One Knows But Me' along with the post. She wrote, "Will anyone tell me the valid reason for me? No one has come up with that."

She also wrote about how she feels unfair about all the hate she has received from the public. She said, "Should I just stay quiet even when I am hurt. fXXXing, the fake. I don't have anything more to say. I think I have to put an end here."

As you might have known, Yook Jidam has asked an official apology from YMC and Wanna One several times, as she claimed that she has been hurt because of the boys. However, up until now, there is still no any official statement made on the issue.

What do you think about this, people?

Source: [Youtube] Mnet Official

Thumbnail Credit: Yook Jidam's Blog, AFTER SHOCK

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