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YoonA Left Even Her Members Stunned with Her Recent Appearance That Reminds Them of a Legendary Beauty


|  1 Dec, 2018

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YoonA once again, stunned with her visuals and this time, with her dressing too.

YoonA recently attended the '2018 Asia Artist Award' ceremony that was held on November 28th where she won the 'Asia Trend' award on this day. Even though YoonA is a well-known visual in the industry, her styling and aura at this ceremony were on another level. 

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On this day, YoonA had her hair done up in an elegant hairstyle with her short fringe let down on the front as she was dressed in a simple black gown that showed off a clean look but a strong elegance overall. This styling of hers reminded fans and netizen of the legendary beauty Audrey Hepburn. 

Image Source: 찍덕이 된 이유

Image Source: TV Daily 

Image Source: 스타투데이

Image Source: MiwSONE

Many praised her for this look and not only them, but even her own member also commented that "I thought you were Audrey Hepburn today."

Image Source: Instagram 'yoona_lim' Screenshot

Does she remind you of Audrey Hepburn too?

Source: [Youtube] CrystalJo

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram 'yoona_lim' MiwSONE
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