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You Know ASTRO`s Eunwoo is `Not Human` After Seeing How He Looks Like in a Jungle


|  2 Feb, 2018

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Eunwoo is as angelic as he is, all natural. 

In Eunwoo's previous appearance on 'Law of the Jungle,' he adapted well in the environment while having a bandana to keep his hair out the way. One thing anyone would know is that, the program is as real as it seems, meaning the casts only bring themselves and only them to the jungle. 

However, with no unnecessary equipment as such makeups, Eunwoo seems to have no problem with that. Not only that, the heat and much moving around actually circulates his blood so well that those rosy cheeks couldn't be hidden at all.

Image Source: Insight

Watch Eunwoo's cut on the show in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] krungpopwendy02

Thumbnail Credit: Deer Moon

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