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You will Be Surprise After Knowing How Many B.A.P Members can Whistle


/  1 Oct, 2017

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B.A.P members attempted at whistling in a recent radio broadcast. 

In their latest release, 'Honeymoon,' whistle could be often heard in the song. They were discussing about the whistle in their song when the DJ casually demonstrated a simple whistle tune. Youngjae heard it and went, "I want to do it too but I can't." 

Himchan pointed towards Zelo and went, "Among us, there's only one person can do it." Zelo was surprised to the realization and said, "I am the only one that can do it? Its my first time hearing this."The DJ got them to try it and every member except Zelo failed to whistle, releasing only air sound. 

Image Source: Youtube '에픽체리' Screenshot

Watch the moment in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] 에픽체리

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