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Zico Left Block B, to Continue Promoting as a Solo Artist


/ 23 Nov, 2018

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Zico is parting from Block B.

On November 23rd, Zico was confirmed to leave the group. According to reports, Zico will continue to promote as a solo artist, to release his song sometime in early 2019. On the other hand, the other 6 members of Block B have renewed their contract with the management, Seven Season, and stay as Block B members. Most possibly, the rest of Block B members will promote as a 6-member group, or be active as units. 

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Image Source: TV REPORT

A lot of fans have actually expected this, since in September, Zico was reported to leave the group as soon as the contract ends. At that time, a representative of Seven Seasons revealed, "We are still talking about his contract, we cannot say anything about this. We might add places for his tour until this November."

We hope all the best for Zico and the rest of Block B members!

Source: [Youtube] seven seasons

Thumbnail Credit: 월드투데이, Seven Seasons

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