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7 Ways Idols Generously Spent Their First Paychecks

  • 25 Jun, 2018

Although idols work so hard to earn their first paycheck, they often don't spend it on themselves!

It often takes years for idols to see their first paycheck, as they often have to spend their first few years paying off debt to their company. Therefore, when idols do receive their first paycheck, it's a memorable day. Check out the list below to see 7 ways idols generously spent their first paychecks! 

GFRIEND's Yerin  

Image Source: Twitter '@GFRDofficial'   

Most idols say they gave most of their money to their parents, but Yerin humorously admitted that she 'just went to the convenience store.' 


Image Source: Twitter '@OfficialMonstaX'  

Like the other members, I.M spent his paycheck on his parents. He said he bought makeup for his mom and made a joke about how he gave 10% of the paycheck to his dad 'like a tithe.' A tithe is one-tenth of earnings paid as a tax to the government or church.  


Former SISTAR member Bora  

Image Source: KIMHALMAE   


Bora's family faced many difficulties when she was starting her career that left them struggling financially. Therefore, Bora generously used her entire first paycheck to pay for her brother's university tuition. 

WINNER members  

Image Source: @Star1 

All of the members used their first paycheck in similar ways. The WINNER members stated in an interview that none of them come from wealthy backgrounds, so they all spent their first paycheck to start paying off their debts.  


TWICE's Nayeon  

Image Source: 1For2   

Nayeon proved her love for her parents when she gave her entire first paycheck to them! Every last penny!  


Ong Seongwu  

Image Source: turning point   


Seongwu talked about his family's financial difficulties by describing how his family's home was hot in the summer and so cold in the winter that they needed heated tents. Therefore, Seongwoo spent his first paycheck on a house for his family!  


EXID's Solji  

Image Source: Banana Culture  

EXID's leader Solji said that because she couldn't give anything to her family for 10 years, she wanted to spend her paycheck on giving back to her parents. She stated she wanted to buy a nice pair of shoes for herself and her mom, and then give both of her parents some pocket money.  


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