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10 Times Male Celebs Captured Hearts with Their 'Manner Hands'


/ 13 Feb

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Manners maketh man.

Yes, it's true that the most important thing for men is their manners. While it can be seen in various ways, one of the most popular manner for men in South Korea is 'manner hands.' 'Manner hands' might be seen as 'hover hands' for Western fans. Anyway, the gesture shows respect towards a person's boundaries and personal space. It is used to describe proper and courteous placement of hands. 

Generally, this refers to male celebrities not touching their female colleagues or fans out of respect when posing for a photo. While it may be considered rude in the western countries, 'manner hands' has received positive responses and great praise from both the media and the netizen communities in South Korea. So, which male celebrities have been once caught with their 'manner hands'? Check them out below!

1. BTS' Taehyung

Image Source: WSV   

2. Yoo Jaesuk

Image Source: OneHallyu   

3. Kim Soohyun

Image Source: 일간스포츠   

4. BTOB's Yook Sungjae

Image Source: SBS    

5. BTS' Jungkook

Image Source: Insight   

6. TVXQ's Changmin 

Image Source: Net to News   

7. BTS' Suga

Image Source: Suga Dreams   

8. Super Junior's Kim Heechul

Image Source: Pann   

9. EXO's D.O

Image Source: Instiz   

10. ASTRO's Cha Eunwoo

Image Source: JTBC   

Thumbnail Credit: SBS, WSV

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