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Song Hyekyo has Once Again Left Fans Speechless with Jaw-Dropping Beauty in Her Newest CF

  • 14 Feb, 2019

Song Hyekyo looks beautiful as ever in her new commercial film. 

The actress has recently wrapped her newest commercial film with Korean skincare brand 'Sulhwasoo,' to promote the brand's newest line, 'Plum Blossom' skincare. Song Hyekyo is the spokesperson of 'Sulhwasoo' and she has been actively promoting the brand through commercial films, pictorials, fan events, and more. 

Image Source: Youtube 'The Best Korean Drama News' Screenshot

Her beauty has once again stolen the spotlight. Song Hyekyo was born in 1981, meaning that she is 39 years old in Korean age this year. Despite her not-so-young age, the actress shines bright with her flawless skin. In the commercial film, to be specific, Song Hyekyo confidently poses for the camera with light makeup, highlighting her natural beauty. 

Image Source: Youtube 'The Best Korean Drama News' Screenshot

You can watch the CF above.

Source: [Youtube] The Best Korean Drama News

Thumbnail Credit: toodur2, Youtube 'The Best Korean Drama News' Screenshot