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KStarLive TOP 30 BEST FAN Awards: A Chance to Win Free Trip to Korea and Coins Worth of USD100,000

  • 20 Feb, 2019

Calling K-pop fans all around the world! We are happy to announce our first, exclusive 'TOP 30 BEST FAN Awards' to celebrate the launch of KStarLive 2.0. The '2019 TOP 30 BEST FAN' Awards will have total prizes worth $100,000 USD & a luxury holiday to South Korea!

The first place winner will be selected based on KStarLive’s fan ranking board at the end of 2019 and will win a free 5D4N trip to South Korea for two people (flight ticket, hotel, and meals included). The top 30 fans on the ranking board will receive KSC (KStarCoin) totaling up to $100,000 USD. 

KSC is a blockchain based cryptocurrency issued by KStarLive. With KSC, fans can purchase goods and services such as official star goods, concert tickets and even crowdfund concerts. KSC will also be exchanged to cash through a cryptocurrency exchange once listed.

How can you become the ‘Best Fan’?

1. Go to www.kstarlive.com and sign up as a member. 

2. Once you are logged in, you will be able to upload your own posts! There are two major categories on KStarLive 2.0 – VIDEO and COMMUNITY. 

On the VIDEO category, simply copy and paste the Youtube video link you want to share with fans around the world. You can edit/change the title and description of the video post. 

On the COMMUNITY category, you can create your own post with pictures, videos, and text. 

3. Share your VIDEO or COMMUNITY post! You will earn more KRC as more people see your post! 

4. Be active in KStarLive! The TOP KRC-earning user at the end of the year will be the winner of the 1st place prize! 

5. TOP KRC-earning users are ranked based on the cumulative points which will be calculated from total KRC and KRC earned from sharing. Users with higher KRC earned from sharing will have a higher chance to win the event.

6. Don't give up on your rank and look forward to special bonuses ahead!

Support your favorite stars to fans around the world and earn KRC! 


1. Period: Winners will be announced in mid-December 2019

2. How to check your rank: Go to the ‘RANKING’ section in KStarLive

3. Prize: 

1st place: A free 5D4N trip to South Korea (2 pax. including flight ticket, hotel, and meal -- in case you need a visa to visit Korea, we will not provide it and you have to apply for the visa by yourself) and KSC worth of USD10,000

2nd to 10th place: KSC worth of USD5,000 (each) 

11th to 15th place: KSC worth of USD3,000 (each) 

16th to 20th place: KSC worth of USD2,000 (each) 

21st to 30th place: KSC worth of USD1,000 (each) 

  • Best Post Award: 2 winners, each KSC worth of USD2,000 | Users who publish the two most viewed posts 
  • Best Participation Award: 2 winners, each KSC worth of USD1,500 | Users who actively write comments and click 'like' button the most 
  • Best Viral Award: 2 winners, each KSC worth of USD1,500 | Users who share KStarLive contents the most 

Thumbnail Credit: Korea Tourism Organization, The Qoo