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BTS' Jin Revealed the Unexpected Reason Why He Buys Clothes Only from This One Expensive Luxury Brand

  • 21 Mar, 2019

Jin is a VIP buyer of this brand.

During his live broadcast on March 20th, Jin revealed that he buys clothes only from Thom Browne, a New York City-based fashion brand, which was established back in 2003. The idol said, "Even my mom also asks me why I only wear clothes from the brand. She is curious about it."

Image Source: V LIVE 'BTS'

Jin explained, "They have many pretty clothes and I don't think I need to wander around and look for clothes from other brands." He continued, "You know, for example, you want to buy milk at the supermarket, then you will go inside, take it, and go out. It's the same as when I buy clothes. I will go to the store, buy some, and go home. I think I am too lazy." 

Image Source: 9DDAE

Check out the video below to find out more!


Source: [V LIVE] V PICK! 

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@Flor_JIN,' Memorybook

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