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SM Entertainment's Board of Director Chris Lee Talked about SM's New Groups and Strategy, How BTS has Changed K-Pop, and More

  • 21 Mar, 2019

He sat down and talked more about SM Entertainment and K-pop industry. 

One of SM's board of directors, Chris Lee, did a special interview at SXSW 2019. As he talked about SM Entertainment's strategy to expand its market, Chris mentioned that the agency is actually preparing for the 2nd generation of Girls' Generation and NCT. He added that Americans and Europeans will be included in the upcoming teams. 

Chris addressed, "SM Entertainment does not focus on appealing to the general public but more into specific things. We have confirmed that K-pop fandoms are huge in America and Europe, and our goal is to continue to expand them."

Image Source: SXSW

He also said that SM Entertainment is actually working in other fields, including IT, food, sports, and fashion. While doing so, he mentioned BTS for "changing" the K-pop world. He said, "BTS has taken the entire world by storm, and thus the status of K-Pop has changed, which is a huge movement for the industry."

Thumbnail Credit: 뉴데일리, The Qoo

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