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Park Shinhye and Hyunbin Answered What They Mean to Each Other in an Intense Game of Jenga

  • 20 Apr, 2019

Park Shinhye and Hyunbin were asked questions while playing a game of Jenga. 

The two lead actors from the drama 'Memories of the Alhambra' sat down for the question and answer Jenga interview with 'The Swoon.' Park Shinhye and Hyunbin had an intense game as they tried not to lose the game while trying to answer the question too. Park Shinhye was asked "What does Hyunbin mean to you" when the actress responded with "A gentleman?" 

Image Source: Youtube 'The Swoon' Screenshot 

The two leads were not giving each other any chance to win and while the interviewer doesn't seem to be giving Hyunbin any questions, allowing him to concentrate on the game, Park Shinhye was urging for the questions to be given. Hyunbin was also then asked "What does Park Shinhye mean to you" and the actor went, "A bright energy?" 

Watch their game in the video above! 

Source: Youtube 'The Swoon'

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'The Swoon' Screenshot, tvN

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