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5 Actors Who Claimed Themselves as the Kind to Go Straightforward with Their Feelings When It Comes to Dating

  •  8 May, 2019

They don’t go around the bush just to say ‘I like you.’ 

Guys maybe guys but there are some that are rather shy still when it comes to expressing their feelings for the person they like, often going through a little ‘push and pull’ process. However, the word ‘push and pull’ doesn’t exist in these 5 actors’ dictionary at all and would rather choose to tell their feelings straight on. 

Ji Changwook 

Image Source: 1st Look 

In a past interview, the actor mentioned that “I don’t ‘push and pull’ that well and I don’t like it too.” 

Nam Joohyuk 

Image Source: Beauty +

Known for his shy personality, Nam Joohyuk commented on how he is bad at expressing himself because he is shy but when he falls in love, he is the kind to ‘all-in.’ 

Woo Dohwan 

Image Source: High Cut 

Talking about his dating style, the actor said “I don’t ‘push and pull’ and don’t know how to do so to. I wonder if even doing so was necessary.” 

Park Seojoon 

Image Source: esquire


Park Seojoon expressed that “Even though I am shy to speak, I will express myself clearly if I like someone” and added that “I don’t like ‘push and pull.’ 

Lee Dongwook 

Image Source: Pinterest 

In one of his past movie showcase, the actor shared that “I will make it obvious that I like someone and I am the kind to tell the person too. I decided not to ‘push and pull’ and can’t do so too.” 

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