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9 Female Celebrities That would Totally Make Everyone Fall in Love with Them in Short Hair

  • 15 May, 2019

The short cut is the look. 

As much as having long hair gives off a sense of feminine vibe, elegance, beauty and more, a short cut can do just the same too. It might be hard to switch from having long hair to short hair in an instant, one might be afraid that they would not suit the hairstyle. Fear not, below are 9 female celebrities who have once been known for their long hair, and now proved that a short change only helps in upgrading their aura. 

1. Han Yeseul

Image Source: pinterest 

2. Song Hyekyo

Image Source: tvN

3. IU

Image Source: Pinterest 

4. Shin Sekyung

Image Source: Namoo Actors  

5. Kim Taeri

Image Source: Marie Claire 

6. Park Soojin

Image Source: Pinterest 

7. Shin Minah 

Image Source: JTBC

8. Girls' Generation YoonA

Image Source: Pinterest 

9. Park Shinhye 

Image Source: Salt Entertainment 

Thumbnail Credit: Pinterest 

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