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Teachers and School Alumni Revealed the Truth of Yun Seobin, a Trainee Who has Been Kicked out from 'Produce X101' and JYP Entertainment

  • 17 May, 2019

Teachers and school alumni who know Yun Seobin stepped in and testified.

Fans must be aware of Yun Seobin's controversy of school bullying as well as underage smoking and drinking, which has made him out from survival program 'Produce X101' and his agency JYP Entertainment. The trainee himself has apologized to fans for his wrongdoings in the past. However, teachers and school alumni who know him has revealed that Yun Seobin was not a bully. 

Yun Seobin's sports teacher in his junior high school remarked, "I wasn't very close with Byungwhi (Seobin's previous name) but he was not the type of kid to hit and harm others. I saw posts about him but they are not true. I'm frustrated seeing how they were written exaggeratedly as if they were the truth."

Fans also reached to Yun Seobin's rugby coach from his middle school. In the conversation, the teacher revealed that Yun Seobin wasn't violence at school and that the stories are ridiculous. The coach even wrote, "I hope you can help him. He was not associated with bad people."

Image Source: Instiz

Alumni from Yun Seobin's school also said the same thing -- that there's no way that Seobin was a bully at school. One of them revealed, "He did have some rumors among other female students from other schools since he was handsome. The thing about him being famous for being violent is false."

Meanwhile, at the time, Yun Seobin has decided to leave Seoul and go to his hometown in the countryside.

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@lumos_seobin,' Instiz


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