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With Personally Shared Behind the Scenes Pictures, Netizens are All Praises with Them Left Stunned at Song Hyekyo's Latest Campaign Clip... Her Beauty is Beyond Words

  •  6 Jun, 2019

Song Hyekyo greets with a new campaign video. 

Along with the jewelry brand, 'Chaumet,' veteran actress Song Hyekyo did a campaign clip for the brand's latest Josephine collection. Like the brand introduces, a playful fashion icon by day and a modern empress by night, Song Hyekyo pulled it off like no other. In her fresh yet graceful casual dress with the details that her accessories gave, the actress shone like a warm sun. With just a concept change, Song Hyekyo took over the calm evening vibe with her beautiful gown, showing off her elegant shoulder line that proved she nailed the night too. 

Image Source: Youtube 'CHAUMET' Screenshot 

'Grace and Character' totally defined the woman Song Hyekyo is. Watch the commercial in the video above and check out the pictures the actress shared right below! 

Image Source: Instagram 'kyo1122'

Source: [Youtube] 'CHAUMET' 

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'Chaumet' Screenshot, Instagram 'kyo1122' 

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