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5 of the Most Expensive K-Pop Music Videos in History

  • 12 Jun, 2019

The quality surely matches the cost.

K-pop music videos are no joke. They are regarded as some of the best video productions in the music industry. The amount of time and dedication it takes from all people involved to create amazing music video productions is mindblowing. Almost every single K-pop music video is phenomenal in quality. People across the globe love to tune in and watch new K-pop music videos. They watch the music video concepts in amazement. Even non-fans are watching K-pop music videos with anticipation! 

But of course, the quality of K-pop music videos doesn't come without a price. Most of these video productions cost a pretty penny to create. From the venue to the special effects, the cost of producing such great videos are very high. There a few music videos from K-pop groups that are ridiculously expensive. Actually, they are the most expensive music videos that have been produced! These videos took thousands of dollars to create, and they are visually amazing. 

Watch the 5 most costly K-pop music videos produced thus far!

Super Junior's 'Devil' (USD300,000)

The music video for Super Junior's song 'Devil' definitely looks like something out of an action film. The video's cost is roughly around $300,000 USD. In the 'Devil' music video, there are many action-packed scenes that would cost a lot of money to film. Luckily, the budget for this music video was high enough to cover the cost and create an amazing production!

2NE1's 'Come Back Home' (USD500,000)

The music video for 'Come Back Home' by the girl group 2NE1 is a special effects masterpiece! The 'Come Back Home' music video takes on a futuristic concept. Concepts such as the one for this video truly are expensive due to the graphics. Nonetheless, the video has incredible graphics that only a nice budget could cover. The cost of the video is estimated to be half a million dollars. 

B.A.P.'s One Shot (USD900,000)

B.A.P.'s 'One Shot' music video is regarded as one of the best music videos of all time, according to fans. We can see where they are coming from. The music video has really dramatic visuals and scenes. Also, the venues the scenes were filmed at seem to be very pricey. No wonder why this music video cost $900,000 USD!

INFINTE's Destiny (USD900,000)

INFINITE's 'Destiny' music video cost roughly $900,000 USD to make. The song has two music video versions: Version A and Version B. In the video, the members of INFINITE shot scenes near huge airplanes. This would probably explain why the budget was so high for the music video.

T-ARA's Cry Cry & Lovey Dovey (USD1 million)

T-ARA's music videos to their songs 'Cry Cry' and 'Lovey Dovey' are the most expensive on this list. The two music videos combined cost around $1 million USD each. The music video for 'Cry Cry' is one of the longest music videos in K-pop history! The video was filmed in a true K-drama style. There are two versions of the song, one being a performance video showing off the girls' talents.

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Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment

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