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Australian Show is Under Fire for Explicitly Insulting BTS Multiple Times

  • 20 Jun, 2019

Fans are definitely not happy about this. 

It is Australian talk show '20 to One.' BTS was featured in the show as they took the number 18 spot on their top 20 list of pop culture. However, ARMYs are not happy with the hosts' comments about the boys. They said, "Kim Jong Un is well into boy bands," "The biggest band you've never heard," "The South Korean One Direction... Yeah, never heard of them," and more.

The show also featured several other critics for BTS -- as expected, they also disrespected the world-famous group.

Actor Rob Mills said that BTS' singing is passable, while comedian Mel Buttle suggested BTS to fire 4 of their members. 

Rubbing salt into the wound, host Alex Williamson angered fans even more with his tweet, "Shut the f*** up c*** it ain't racist they just don't give a f*** about boy bands who are designed solely to extract $ from the hip pocket of 14yo's. I'll always revel in the genuine talents of South Korean professors such as Cheon Jinwoo. F*** these c****."

He also joked, "After careful consideration, I am hereby nominating myself to be the 8th member of BTS, thank you for your unwavering support. I will make you c**** proud with my generic vocals xoxox good night."

What do you think about this, people? You can find out more in the video below. 

Source: [Youtube] BTS SQUAD

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