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f(x)`s Amber Shared About EXO`s Suho During Their Trainee Days and How He Helped Her Then in Her Recent Live


|  7 Oct, 2018

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Amber recalled her trainee days and mentioned Suho. 

Amber went live recently and talked about her training period in the past before her debut with f(x). At the topic, EXO's leader, Suho was being mentioned during her live and from that, one could see how nice and caring Suho was ever since their trainee days.

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Amber went, "Me and Suho are Bros. He was known as... There was one choreography going around, circulating among the boy trainees and he was known as the(shows a pose)guy... I can never memorize his name. It was like 'Jun...Junmyeon' and I was like 'What? What does that mean?' honestly, because I don't know Korean. He is always known as the (pose)Oppa. And before I debut, Suho was the few people that talked to me and explained to me about the cultural differences between you know... How to do things differently... He was like, you know people don't really explain to you about the cultural differences. They would just go 'Oh it's a cultural difference' but Suho will really take the time to talk about that stuff with me and help me to understand. I really appreciate whatever Suho did for me at that time. Suho is awesome." 

Source: [Youtube] zut ter

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