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f(x)`s Amber Shared How She Used to Quarrel A Lot with Her Members in Her Recent Live


/  1 Mar, 2018

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Amber recalled back the days when she always gets in quarrels with Victoria and Krystal and not Luna.

Amber did a Weibo live a day before Valentines and threw in a surprise call corner to her fans. Before starting the event, the f(x) member shared how she was away in the States for a whole month, busy with various stuffs. 

Through her calls with her fans, a fan asked, "What is the most fulfilling thing, the happiest thing to you over the past 10 years?" Amber responded after a thought that, "I think it would be f(x)'s concert where I felt the most fulfilling." 

Another lucky fan who got a phone call from Amber shared how she wasn't in the mood for Valentines after having a fight with her best friend. Amber gave her a huge encouragement and comfort before sharing her own story during her trainee days. 

She shared,

"I quarreled a lot with Victoria during our trainee days but now she is an older sister to me, my best friend. I quarreled a lot with Krystal too...We do get into arguments even now.  When I met her in New York a few weeks ago when I was there, we kept on thinking, 'We do quarrel a lot last time...' Krystal and I quarrel everyday. I don't quarrel with Luna because our personalities are similar. In Victoria and Krystal's case, they are saying things that are good for me but there are times when I just don't want to listen at all . That's why we get into arguments. Krystal has a soft heart so at times when I just blurt something out, she would go 'Huh.' Luna and I tend to share deep conversations and know what each other is thinking, even though we don't think the same way. For Krystal and I, we are just two kids quarreling so it's fun."

Source: [Youtube] KL AV

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