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iKON`s [Love Scenario] is Popular in Elementary Schools, It Got Banned... Here`s How B.I Respond It


| 12 Jul, 2018

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iKON's 'Love Scenario' is no longer available in several elementary schools.

As previously reported, the song has been viral to not just adults but also to children. As a result, a lot of students sing the song at schools, kid cafes, piano academies, taekwondo academies, and more. However, the song has now been banned at some schools. It's claimed that the lyrics of the song is inappropriate for kids. 

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There are two lines of the lyrics which are claimed improper for kids. The first one is galbippyeo saisaiga jjiritjjirithan neukkim (갈비뼈 사이사이가 찌릿찌릿한 느낌), which means 'The electric feeling in between my ribs,' and the second one is michin deushi saranghaetgo (미친 듯이 사랑했고), which means 'We loved like crazy.'

Following the issue, on July 11th, iKON's B.I took to his Instagram and responded to it in the cutest way. He uploaded a past photo of him during his elementary school and wrote, "At that time I loved Detective Conan like crazy and I got the electric feeling in between my ribs." It seems like B.I intentionally used the two allegedly inappropriate lyrics from the song to express that it's actually all okay and has no any bad impact to kids. 

Anyway, what do you think about the ban, ladies and gentlemen? 

Thank you for the tips, @JYJiKON!

Source: [Youtube] iKON & [Instagram] shxxbi131

Thumbnail Credit: BmyBIN, Instagram '@shxxbi131'

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