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iKON`s Donghyuk Explained How Yang Hyunsuk Once Rejected [Love Scenario]... It was Almost Never Released


/ 11 Oct, 2018

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The song was almost never released to the public.

On October 10th, iKON came as the guest of MBC every1's 'Weekly Idol.' The group came to promote their latest comeback, 'Goodbye Road.' As you might have known, the song is written and composed by leader B.I, with the help of fellow member Bobby and several other producers. B.I revealed that the song was composed in 2015, before their official debut.  

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Image Source: MBC every1

Donghyuk then revealed the behind story of the song. He said, "B.I proposed 'Goodbye Road' and 'Love Scenario' at the same time to CEO Yang Hyunsuk. However, the CEO liked 'Goodbye Road' better so he rejected 'Love Scenario.'" Donghyuk continued, "'Love Scenario' was almost never released. We supposedly to choose only one between the two songs."

It's a relief, though, that the song was eventually released, isn't it? 

Source: [Youtube] iKON

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@iKON_1022yg,' SBS 뉴스

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