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5 Male K-Pop Idols Who are Actually Graceful Contemporary Dancers

  •  9 Jul, 2019

These male idols' talents in contemporary dance are remarkable.

Contemporary dance is not particularly simple for the average person. Though the dance form is more liberal and expressive, the movements are still complex and require a lot of strength to perform. This style of dance is filled with emotion, and there are some male K-pop idols can carry out a contemporary dance performance like no other! 

These stars have developed top-notch skills in contemporary dance. Fans enjoy watching their performances as they portray compelling stories in their movements. Check out 5 male K-pop idols gracefully bless everyone with their modern dance skills.

NCT's Ten

Ten, of NCT and WayV, is regarded as one of the best dancers in the K-pop community. Not only does Ten have skills in multiple styles of dance including hip-hop and even breakdance, but he is a talented contemporary dancer. Ten recently stunned fans with a dance cover to American singer Billie Ellish's song 'lovely'. He, alongside fellow groupmate WinWin, performed a contemporary dance masterpiece that has garnered over 4 million views on Youtube!

BTS' Jimin

Jimin, from the popular K-pop group BTS, is known for his elegant modern dance skills. Everyone who is a fan of BTS knows that Jimin is a master at contemporary dance. He studied contemporary dance in Busan when he was younger and was the top student in the entire department. In this video, Jimin catches everyone's eye with his poised movements and control. He was meant to be a dancer, and he proves it with this single performance!

SHINee's Taemin

Fans of Taemin have given him the title of 'King of Contemporary Dance,' and rightfully so. The SHINee member has the graceful moves that any modern dancer possesses, and he is not afraid to show everyone his talents in contemporary. From live performances to music videos, fans can always count on Taemin to deliver a riveting dance performance.


Hoya, a former member of INFINITE, is another idol that is not shy when it comes to his obvious skills in dance. Hoya surprised everyone with a jaw-dropping performance on the well-known Korean dance show called 'Hit the Stage.' In his performance on the show, he brought out a lot of intense emotion through his contemporary dance. His performance became so popular that other dancers have made dance covers to his piece.


VIXX's N is considered a triple threat in the entertainment industry. The guy is extremely talented; he can sing, act, and dance his butt off. N's skills in dance are no joke. He has an extensive background in hip-hop, jazz, and ballet. But, fans are most captivated by his contemporary dances. Fans have expressed the way N moves is mesmerizing, and we couldn't agree more!

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