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Lee Minho has Become the Ambassador for National Institute of Korean Culture and Education, to Promote Korean Language and Culture

  •  9 Jul, 2019

The actor has become a goodwill ambassador for the institute.

On the morning of July 9th, Lee Minho attended the '2019 World Conference of Korean Language Educators' held at the Plaza Hotel in Junggu, Seoul. During the event, Lee Minho was appointed as a goodwill ambassador for the National Institute of Korean Culture and Education. 

Image Source: TV REPORT

By being an ambassador, Lee Minho will actively participate in the production of Korean language and Korean culture learning content by the National Institute of Korean Culture and Education to promote around the world.

On becoming an ambassador for the institute, Lee Minho revealed, "It's a great honor to serve as a PR ambassador for the institute." He continued, "Some people may have questioned what kind of connection between the institute and me. It's been 13 years since my debut. There were many opportunities to meet fans from many countries and abroad. I've been thinking a lot about how to help them, seeing them trying to communicate with them in Korean."

Thumbnail Credit: TV REPORT, Dispatch

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