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UP10TION's Lee Jinhyuk Explained Why He was Bullied in School and How His Parents Helped Him Went Through It

  •  8 Aug, 2019

School life was not that easy for Lee Jinhyuk. 

On his appearance on the August 7th episode of MBC's 'Radio Star,' Lee Jinhyuk opened up about the sad story he had when he was only a junior high school student; he revealed that he was bullied by other students.

Lee Jinhyuk started, "I was bullied when I was in junior high school. Back then, I was so innocent. When I am angry, I show my anger; when I am sad, I cried."

Image Source: MBC

Just because he was so honest with his feelings, some of his friends did not like him and ended up bullied him. Jinhyuk said, "Some of them could not accept my personality. 

He then revealed how his parents helped him went through the situation and asked him about his dream. Lee Jinhyuk said, "They asked me what I want to become and I said that I want to appear on TV like my younger sister," and continued, "They then spread my photos to several agencies." 

Image Source: MBC

He said that he had finally found his happiness back after he made his debut. 

Image Source: MBC

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