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Here's the Interior of the Luxurious Mansion That the Members of SuperM are Staying in Los Angeles

  •  6 Oct, 2019

As they deserve. 

SuperM members are currently carrying out their schedule in the US following their debut on October 4th with the title track 'Jopping.' The members have been updating fans during their time there, especially through Instagram lives. Kai, Baekhyun and Taemin have done Instagram live from the dorm they are staying and with its luxurious-looking interior, it made people curious about what kind of dorm are they staying in. 

Image Source: Instagram 'superm' 

If fans were worried about them cramping in a dorm together, that thought is now pointless because the boys are staying really well. Fans found out a property clip of the very mansion SuperM is staying in and the price too that is $8 million. Even though the boys are just renting it during their stay, the rental is definitely not a small amount. 

Image Source: Youtube 'ProducerMichael' Screenshot

The right stay for the best! 

Source: [Youtube] ProducerMichael

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram 'superm'

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