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Park Minyoung and EXO's Sehun are Especially Cracking Everyone up with a Sneak Peek of Their Hilarious Action in the New Preview for 'Busted' Season 2

  • 19 Oct, 2019

'Busted' season 2 has dropped their preview clip. 

Netflix show, 'Busted' has already started dropping trailers and teasers for their new season with their new member, Lee Seunggi along with their original casts including actress Park Minyoung and EXO's Sehun. In the new clip that has been dropped, fans and netizens noticed a hilarious scene that caught their attention. 

It was the very scene that they saw Park Minyoung running with EXO's Sehun following closely behind, looking all secretive but very hilarious. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Netflix Asia' Screenshot

This clip was shared on Twitter, having a good amount of retweets with this very scene. 

"Ah Minyoung Sehun is already looking interesting hahahahahahahahaha" 

"I mean hahahahaha This is really hahahaha 'Her Private Life's Deokmi and Deokmi's younger brother hahahaha It looks like the both of them have the same bias and are fangirl/fanboying together hahahaha"

Source: [Youtube] Netflix Asia & [Twitter] peach_1294, tpelwpqkf, imwlwl

Thumbnail Credit: Pinterest, tvN

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