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Kim Jaejoong Maintains His Great Visual, Looking Exactly the Same as What He Looked Like 10 Years Ago

  • 23 Oct, 2019

He hasn't changed even a bit. 

Recently, a fan has posted on an online community site, saying that she liked Kim Jaejoong 10 years ago. She began writing, "I quit being a fan when TVXQ became a duo." However, the fan revealed that she has fallen in love with Kim Jaejoong yet again after knowing how he hasn't aged at all. 

Image Source: The Qoo

The photos she uploaded surprised everyone. That's because Jaejoong remains the same. His clear features, as well as his white, blemish-free skin, are just the same. Jaejoong is currently in his mid-thirties but his looks are still as cute as a baby.

Image Source: The Qoo

Several comments found on the web read, "There's no one who didn't like him at that time," "OMG! I think he's getting younger as time goes by," "It doesn't explain unless he's a vampire," and more.

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo

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