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With His Stunning Visuals, Lee Minho Personally Shares a Pictorial Film and It’s the Very Clip You Need to Make Your Day Better

  • 25 Oct, 2019

His visuals working hard. 

Lee Minho hasn’t been in lots of production so far and it’s no doubt that fans would miss him but it’s a good thing that he is active on his personal Instagram that fans are able to get updates of him from his daily life. Most recently, the actor shared a pictorial he did for the magazine, L’officiel Homme with Cartier where he carries the delicate accessories on him like a gem. Other than the accessories that were dazzling, Lee Minho’s visuals would definitely steal your eyes away in an instant. 

Image Source: Instagram ‘actorleeminho’ Screenshot 

Check out the clip right below! 

Source: [Instagram] actorleeminho

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram 'actorleeminho' Screenshot, Pinterest 

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