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Models who Walked at the Recent 'Valentino' Collection were Seen Fangirling over Lee Dongwook's Presence at the Show

  •  9 Nov, 2019

Here's how the models reacted after knowing that Lee Dongwook was there. 

Lee Dongwook recently attended the Valentino show that took place in Beijing on November 7th that had celebrities from all over the world attending such as EXO's Lay, BLACKPINK's Rosé as well as Korean influencer Irene Kim. Lee Dongwook dressed all black from head to toe, showing off a stunning clean look along with his perfect physique. 

Image Source: comma dw 

In a behind the scene clip shared by W Korea where they shared the behind movements of the models walking along the empty runway area, the fashion magazine revealed the moment when the models found out that they have just walked past where Lee Dongwook seated. 

Image Source: Instagram 'WKorea' Screenshot 

W Korea captioned, "Valentino show's models are liking it after seeing the seat that Lee Dongwook sat" and showed how the models were smiling brightly and excitedly. 

Image Source: Instagram 'WKorea' Screenshot 

Watch the show in the video above!


Source: [Youtube] Valentino

Thumbnail Credit: comma dw, Instagram 'fashiontomax'

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