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Police Announced No Crime Involved in Goo Hara's Passing, a Handwritten Note about Her Life was Found

  • 25 Nov, 2019

There is no crime involved in the case. 

On November 25th, the police have made an official statement about Goo Hara's passing, stated that there is no crime in the cast. They also stated that they have found Goo Hara's handwritten pessimistic note about her life on the table in the living room.

About the possibility of doing an autopsy, the police said "There is nothing decided yet. The family of the deceased and the prosecutors will decide after looking at the on-site investigation results. CCTV shows that she got home at 12:35 AM on the 24th. Her time of death is estimated to be after that."

Goo Hara passed away on November 24th. Rest in peace, Goo Hara. 

Thumbnail Credit: Production Ogi

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