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Another Factory Malfunction Occurred and WayV’s Posters were Found in MAMAMOO’s Album

  • 27 Nov, 2019

It’s another mishap. 

Recently, MAMAMOO has just released their new album ‘Reality in Black’ but the surprise a fan got was when it was  WayV’s ‘Take Over the Moon’ posters that were found in the album. The fan bought 5 albums so she got 5 posters of WayV. 

Image Source: Weibo 'tae_star' 

There have been a few cases where what fans see is not what they get when it comes to the surprise contents in the album they bought. There are occasions where the contents of another group ended up in the album that a fan bought the album for and it would just end up with an awkward situation. 


Thumbnail Credit: Weibo 'tae_star,' Twitter 'RBW_MAMAMOO'

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