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Police Revealed More on Cha Inha's Passing: "No Suicide Note has Been Found"

  •  3 Dec, 2019

Police confirmed that no suicide note has been found at the scene.

Following the news of Cha Inha's passing on the afternoon of December 3rd, police have been investigating the case. Even though not all of the details have been confirmed, police have confirmed that no suicide note has been found at his home, where he was found dead. An official revealed that the investigation is still ongoing. As for the autopsy, there is no decision has been made for the 27-year-old actor. 

Image Source: Fantagio Entertainment

Cha Inha was a rookie actor under Fantagio Entertainment's actor group SURPRISE U. He was also part of ongoing drama 'Love with Flaws.'

Rest in peace, Cha Inha. 

Thumbnail Credit: Fantagio Entertainment, The Qoo

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