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Lee Dongwook Hilariously Got Mad at the Crowd of His Talk Show Because They were Cheering So Much Louder at Gong Yoo’s Entrance

  •  6 Dec, 2019

The betrayal he felt.

Lee Dongwook’s talk show has aired on December 4th and Gong Yoo appeared as a guest for the show. Gong Yoo posed for a cool entrance as the curtain wind itself with the iconic ‘Goblin’ soundtrack playing in the background. Upon the sight of the actor, the crowd went wild and they couldn’t stop looking while cheering their lungs out. 

Image Source: Twitter ‘bellforyou’ Screenshot 

Up till the moment Gong Yoo has already seated at his seat, the cheer was still ongoing and was really loud. Instantly, Lee Dongwook got up from his chair and charged towards the crowd, “Quiet you all. The sound was 5 times louder than when I came out...!”

Image Source: Twitter ‘bellforyou’ Screenshot 

The grim reaper got jealous. Watch the moment right below! 

Source: [Twitter] bellforyou

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'SBS NOW' Screenshot 

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