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Koreans Pick Male Celebrities Who would Likely Get a 'Free Pass' If They Went for Job Interviews

  • 16 Dec, 2019

They might pass the job interviews effortlessly. 

One of the most frightening things for some people might be job interviews. Well, we all can understand it because it's definitely not easy to appeal to people with higher positions than you. On top of that, unexpected questions might also be asked to applicants. 

However, for these four male celebs, job interviews might be a really easy thing because they will probably get a "free pass" thanks to their looks. They indeed look kjust perfect in their suits, showing off their sleek look. Check out who they are below! 

Park Bogum 

Image Source: THEONE

Jung Haein

Image Source: TV REPORT

Im Siwan

Image Source: STAR EMPIRE

EXO's Suho


Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo

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