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6 Male Actors Who Nailed the Father Role Despite to Not Have Been Married Yet

  • 25 Dec, 2019

Nothing they can't do. 

Acting is constantly about challenging oneself with a new role in new productions and it’s always the belief of acting a role that one has never done before which broadens an actor’s versatility in the field. Among the roles that could easily be listed, the role of a parent is never an easy one. That’s because it requires the actor to put themselves in the position and mindset that they are responsible for a family. 

Despite not having a family of their own yet, these 6 actors have taken on the role of a father before and totally touched viewers with the fatherly role that they pulled off so sincerely.

Gong Yoo

Image Source: Pinterest 

Kang Dongwon 

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Lee Dongwook 

Image Source: KING KONG Entertainment

Kim Jiseok 

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Lee Junki

Image Source: tvN

Son Hojun 

Image Source: KBS2

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo