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7 Male Actors Who Look Still Beautiful Even During Their Crying Scenes

  •  4 Jan, 2020

Those are crystals falling down from their eyes. 

When it comes to emotional scenes where an actor is in the situation or part of a storyline where a crying scene is about to happen, often it's a scene to be prepared with not only how they feel. Actors who will have them crying filmed on camera and later played on the screen for viewers to feel their emotions too, need to look nice when they cry. 

It's not easy to be in that emotion and at the same time, considering how you might look when crying so it's not an easy task. Still, these 7 actors managed to touch the viewers not only with their tears but catch breathes with how beautiful they look when they are crying too. 

Seo Kangjoon 

Image Source: Pinterest 

Lee Dongwook

Image Source: theqoo 

Gong Yoo 

Image Source: theqoo

Park Bogum

Image Source: Pinterest 

SF9's Rowoon 

Image Source: pann 

Kang Haneul 

Image Source: Pinterest 

EXO's Chanyeol 

Image Source: Pinterest 

Thumbnail Credit: Pinterest, tvN