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Over a Hundred of Fans Reportedly Came to SMTOWN Coex Artium Holding a Physical Protest to Kick Chen out of the Group (+ Photos)

  • 20 Jan, 2020

They hold the protest in front of the building. 

On January 19th, over one hundred fans came to SMTOWN Coex Artium for a physical protest to kick Chen from the group, following his sudden marriage news on January 13th. The fans are under EXO-L ACE, a community of those who want Chen to leave EXO, also reported their protest to the police according to the laws.

Image Source: Twitter '@EXOLACECAFE'

They brought their EXO goods and banner in front of the building from around 1 P.M. It is reported that they stayed until 6 P.M to protest Chen staying in the group. 

What do you think about this, people?

Update: EXO-L ACE had planned over 200 people present for the protest but only less than 50 actually went for the event. 

Thumbnail Credit: SM Entertainment, Twitter '@EXOLACECAFE'

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