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BTS' Jin Revealed Why He has Finally Decided to Stop Playing His Favorite Game 'Maple Story'

  • 18 Mar, 2020

Jin said that he would no longer play 'Maple Story.'

Image Source: V LIVE 'BTS' Screenshot

On March 16th, BTS' Jin replied to a fan comment on Weverse that asked him whether he is still playing 'Maple Story.' Jin revealed that he is no longer playing 'Maple Story' because his game item got destroyed. He wrote, "The probability of getting destroyed is only 0.7% but my item is gone. I quit playing the game."

Image Source: Weverse

It turned out that Jin, unfortunately, got his game item destroyed while leveling it up. In the game, it's possible to get an item destroyed while leveling it up, although the chance is very small. 

Image Source: Instiz

Thumbnail Credit: Big Hit Entertainment, V LIVE 'BTS' Screenshot

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