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Actor Ryu Deokhwan to Tie the Knot with His Non-Celebrity Girlfriend of 7 Years

  • 26 Aug

Ryu Deokhwan will get married soon. 

According to various reports on August 26th, the actor is preparing for a marriage with his non-celebrity girlfriend of 7 years. It's said that the actor and his fiancée had planned to hold a wedding ceremony this upcoming October. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple will postpone it to some time next year. No specific date has been set for their wedding ceremony. 

Image Source: CL&COMPANY 

Ryu Deokhwan himself has reached to fans through his fan cafe. He wrote, "I'm ashamed, but after seven years of dating, I'm getting married. The ceremony was scheduled for October and everything has been prepared. However, we have to postpone the ceremony until next year as the COVID-19 pandemic is getting more severe from day by day. I have been convinced that I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life and decided to marry her. I hope you'll be happy to celebrate with us, and even though it's a difficult time, I hope everyone will get through it without any problems."

Image Source: SBS

The 1987-born actor made his debut in 1992 through MBC's drama 'Kiss Kiss Kiss.' Ryu Deokhwan is well-known not only as an actor but also as a director. Some of his most popular dramas are 'Quiz of God,' 'Faith,' 'Good Doctor,' as well as 'Nobody Knows.'

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