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[IDOL CHAMP] EXO's Xiumin is Picked as the Idol Whose the Most Adorable Chubby Cheeks

  • 28 Aug

Xiumin has been chosen as the idol with the most fluffy, adorable cheeks!

K-pop voting app IDOL CHAMP had opened a survey for fans asking the idol whose the cutest chubby cheeks. The poll was opened for two weeks from August 7th and over 5 million votes came in. 

EXO's Xiumin took the 1st place with 36.12% of the total votes. With a slight gap, ATEEZ's Jongho took the 2nd place with 29.62% of the total votes. NCT's Jisung and BTS' Jimin followed at 3rd and 4th place.

Despite his not-so-young age -- born in 1990 -- Xiumin has been famous for his young-looking visual. Most probably, his chubby cheeks make people think so. Xiumin is currently completing his mandatory military service as an active soldier and scheduled to discharge this upcoming December. 

Congratulations, Xiumin!

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Thumbnail Credit: SM Entertainment, Instagram '@e_xiu_o'

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