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Lee Seunggi Shares Thoughts How He Thinks He's Actually Not That Handsome

  •  7 Sep, 2020

Lee Seunggi said that he is not handsome. 

On the September 6th episode of SBS' 'Master in the House,' the cast members met famous Korean entrepreneur Park Incheol for a casual talk. Park Incheol said that when he recruits employees, he always asks them to talk about their strength for one minute straight. He said, "I only recruit those who are confident about themselves." 

To this, Lee Seunggi challenged himself to talk about his strength in front of everyone. He began, "I am not handsome. However, my great image is not a joke." He then explained that those in his mother's age like him a lot. 

Image Source: Youtube 'SBS Entertainment' Screenshot

The actor then confidently said that he sings well. He asked Park Incheol, "Have you watched my cover of 'Forbidden Love' on Youtube? It has surpassed 5.18 billion views." He also said that he is loyal to his peers and always has the determination to work hard.

Image Source: Youtube 'SBS Entertainment' Screenshot

Check out the video below to find out more (Lee Seunggi talks about his visual starting from 2:52 mark)!

Source: [Youtube] SBS Entertainment

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo

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