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BTS V's Superdog Yeontan Trends on Twitter for His 3rd Birthday

  •  8 Sep

Yeontan made headlines for his birthday. 

On September 7th, BTS V's pet dog, Yeontan, officially turned 3 years old. V took to WeVerse to congratulate Yeontan on his birthday. Of course, ARMYs, too, flocked to congratulate the superdog on his birthday. As a result keyword 'Tannie,' which is Yeontan's nickname, trended on the platform. 

Image Source: WeVerse

Not only on WeVerse, but the keyword 'Tannie' also trended worldwide at #15 on Twitter. Yeontan has been famous among ARMYs, he often appears on camera and BTS' social media as V spends time together with his beloved dog. 

Image Source: Twitter '@BTS_twt'

Happy birthday to Yeontan!

Thumbnail Credit: Dispatch, WeVerse

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