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Jessi Gets Completely Blurred for Her Hilarious R-Rated Gestures on 'The Sixth Sense'

  • 11 Sep

The gestures could not be aired.

On the September 10th episode of tvN's variety program 'The Sixth Sense,' the cast members came together to find the fake CEO hidden amongst the real ones. To obtain hints, cast members play multiple mini-games -- one of them is charades. Jessi, Yoo Jaesuk, and Lovelyz's Mijoo teamed up for the game.

It was all okay only until Jessi came up as the first runner to describe the word 'milk.' Jessi made everyone taken aback as she suddenly pointed on her breasts to describe the word. Of course, she got covered with a CG as her gestures actually cannot air.   

Image Source: tvN 

Mijoo, the second runner of the game had no other ideas so she just followed Jessi's gesture -- Mijoo, too, was covered with a CG.

Image Source: tvN 

Yoo Jaesuk had to guess the word right but got completely taken aback with what he'd seen. Jaesuk laughed hard and shouted, "You all should stop now!"

Image Source: tvN

Things got even more hilarious as Yoo Jaesuk gave a wrong answer. He guessed, "Nipples."

Image Source: tvN  

Several of the comments on the web read, "This is crazy, the members are so funny," "This program is one of my favorites now," "Jaesuk and Jessi are the best, I hope to see them together in more shows," and more.

Do you enjoy the show much, people?

Thumbnail Credit: tvN

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