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Lee Kwangsoo Shows Some Love and Support for EXO in a Recent Interview

  • 18 Sep

Lee Kwangsoo is indeed a big fan of EXO. 

On September 17th, fashion and lifestyle magazine Esquire Korea released a special 'Comment Interview' with Lee Kwangsoo. The actor/TV personality answered questions that fans had personally sent for him before. Among all, one question asked Lee Kwangsoo about his favorite music genre. 

Image Source: Youtube 'ESQUIRE Korea' Screenshot

Lee Kwangsoo revealed that he likes saddening ballads...

Image Source: Youtube 'ESQUIRE Korea' Screenshot

However, when asked what song he recently listened to, Lee Kwangsoo said that he listened to EXO's 'Overdose' a lot. He quickly explained, "It's true that I like saddening ballads. I used to listen (to 'Overdose') with no thoughts but these days, I listen to the song while taking a shower in the morning."

Image Source: Youtube 'ESQUIRE Korea' Screenshot

Not to mention, EXOLs have been expressing excitement for Lee Kwangsoo's revelation. On top of that, it's well-known that Lee Kwangsoo and D.O are close friends. Fans do love how Lee Kwangsoo shows his support to D.O and the other EXO members. 

Image Source: Instiz

You can check out the complete interview below (Lee Kwangsoo talking about his music taste starting from 3:28 mark).

Source: [Youtube] ESQUIRE Korea

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'ESQUIRE Korea' Screenshot, PD Note

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